Salem and Catalpa Gateway

The Gateway developed in 2008 was the first visible sign of change underway in the neighborhoods surrounding GSH. Three corners with abandoned and derelict properties were acquired and demolished. A design process led by Envisionworks, which included residents of the surrounding neighborhoods, resulted in a new green space with lush walkways, period lighting and seating. Residents continue to invest their energy in improving this space by working together to raise funds to add public art to this intersection. For more information click here.

Fairview Commons

A goal of the Phoenix Strategic Plan was to add more recreational amenities to the community. The centerpiece of the plan was the creation of a neighborhood commons that incorporates the land currently occupied by Fairview Elementary School, the new K-8 Dayton Public School and the public pool and park operated by the City of Dayton. This 12 acre site provided the opportunity to create something special in the heart of our redevelopment area.

Working with the City we have added a spray park adjacent to the outdoor pool and a state of the art assessable playground. This new civic space, known as Fairview Commons creates greater opportunities for social, civic, educational and recreational opportunities in Northwest Dayton. Significant acquisitions were made by the Phoenix Project to accommodate construction of a new school and to connect its development by intention to the existing City amenities at Fairview Park and Pool. Future plans include the development of the “lower commons”, the site of the old elementary school (1305 W. Fairview) into a family fitness park. Through a series of linked paths and walkways the recreation areas of Fairview Commons will be connected. To learn more about the development of Fairview Common, click here.

The Rising at Phoenix

One of our housing goals was to create housing choices and maintain economic diversity. The Phoenix project provides down payment assistance for persons wishing to purchase a home in the Phoenix project area and low interest home improvement loans for current residents. Through our partnership with Miller Valentine and an award of Housing Tax Credits we built 33 new lease purchase homes in the neighborhood for people who might not be ready to buy a home but want to live in the neighborhood. Construction of these homes was completed last summer and they are now fully occupied. The Phoenix Project provides ongoing support to these families through outreach, training and regular community activities. To learn more about the Rising at Phoenix click here. If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about moving to one of these homes, please contact or call 296-0666.